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Egg Cracker

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Let's be honest how often do you find yourself struggling to crack eggs perfectly or separate your yolk from the egg whites?
Imagine the number of dishes you make dirty during the cracking and separation process?

Well ever since it was discovered that more than half the protein of an egg is found in the egg white along with vitamin B2 and lower amounts of fat and cholesterol than the yolk more and more people are separating their eggs in the morning.

Unfortunately, nobody is really encouraging people to do this because it is such a miscellaneous process.
Now imagine tossing your egg in clipper and seamlessly having it cracked and separated in just a few seconds?

Now that's what this device is here for, no more bringing out two bowls and going back and forth trying to separate while getting your hand all sticky in the process.


Clean Eggs - No more tiny pieces of cracked egg shells dropping into the food to be prepared.
Convenient - Just place the egg and use one hand to crack, fast and easy
Egg white separation - Quick separation of egg yolk from egg white with the included
Healthy - More egg whites means a whole lot more protein and vitamins for you and your loved ones.
Clean kitchen - No spilling egg all over your kitchen counter and having to wipe and clean it afterwards.
Child-Friendly - You can easily teach your kids to crack eggs with this magic tool! 
2 in 1 - Get 2 functionalities in 1 inexpensive device.

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