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GPS Tracker

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          This GPS Tracker is a good tool for tracking your car or motorbike in real time. You won't have to worry about getting stolen anymore. You can track your car in real time with your cellphone. Simple to use, install and track.

                  • Real-time location tracking
                  • Very easy to install.
                  • Save your money.
                  • Support both GPRS & LBS positioning.
                  • SMS&Web portal tracking available.
                  • Moving alarm and monitoring.
                          1. Open the device cap and insert a SIM Card(Make sure your card support GSM and receive a text message, make a call )
                          2. Connect the battery, The indicator light lighting and device will turn on
                          3. Download the APP on your iOS or Android device (More details on the manual)
                          4. You can set up some parameters settings like:
                          5. Current position, Activate vibration sensor (activate vehicle alarm), Remote Pickup Mode. When the location changes the device will send automatically an alert, SOS Alarm function.
                          6. Landing service platform by the IMEI account and password.
                          7. Then you can track your device on google map

                          How To Install:

                                  • MOTORCYCLE:
                                    • Open the battery box, The red line joint battery anode, Blackline joint battery cathode.
                                  • CAR:
                                    • There is four groups battery, and each group is 12V. The red line joint anode of one group battery, The black line joint cathode. (Note: When you will driving high speed, Please make sure your device joint one or two pieces of battery.)

                                  Package Includes:

                                          • 1X Car GPS Tracker
                                          • 1X Charger Cable
                                          • 1X Use Manual
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