• Hair-Drying Cap
  • Hair-Drying Cap
  • Hair-Drying Cap
  • Hair-Drying Cap
  • Hair-Drying Cap
  • Hair-Drying Cap
  • Hair-Drying Cap
  • Hair-Drying Cap
  • Hair-Drying Cap
  • Hair-Drying Cap

Hair-Drying Cap

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Okay, hold on, don’t look away. Because as silly as this thing looks, it’s five times as awesome.

We know what you’re thinking..

This is… weird.

Yes, it is. But it’s also brilliant. And totally retro.

Blow drying and styling your hair is easy if you’ve got a pixie cut, but any longer than that and it’s just a pain-in-the... you see where we’re going with this.

This hair drying cap is crazy fast and salon quality, so your hair dries evenly and without frizzing, even when you’re using curlers.

You need this hair cap ASAP. Here's why.

  • Super lightweight. It looks heavy in the pictures, but it’s not. At all. You’ll feel like there’s a bag of feathers sitting on your head. No biggie.
  • Hair treatments. Got dry, damaged hair that’s crying out for a heat treatment? This helps the treatment penetrate all the way to your roots.
  • Salon quality. You’ve seen those giant hairdryers all salons have, right? This works just as well at a fraction of the cost.
  • Even drying. Don't end up with one side of your head dry and the other a sopping mess. This dries evenly, so your hair doesn’t end up wet or frizzy.
  • Portable. Doing a girls’ night? Take this to the party. Your friends will have a blast trying it out and probably leave wanting one of their own.
  • Retro. Style your hair with style. This cap is made for women who love the retro spotlight and long for days when girls still wore poodle skirts.

You’re starting to dig it now, aren’t you? But you’re probably still wondering how it works.

It couldn't be simpler to operate. There’s only three steps.

  • Wash it. Wash and set your hair. Got curlers? Get them on!
  • Wear it. Place the cap over your head.
  • Plug it. Plug your blow dryer in, and attach it to the hose.

Poof! A few minutes later you’re done and your hair is gorgeous.

Get beautiful hair fast, easily, and without a lot of expense.

Every woman deserves gorgeous hair. Order this now and get yours today.

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