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Hairline Guide

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Always struggling to get a clean haircut? Do it yourself in just minutes with this Hairline Guide!

  • Going to the barber every time you need your neckline cleaned up can be both expensive and time-consuming. And asking your girlfriend, wife, or mom to help you often comes with its own challenges.
  • That’s why we created the Hairline Guide, a flexible silicone band that slides over your face and neck to let you get the perfect shaving line with hands-free, easy-to-manage support.

You simply slip the shaving guide over your head, create the ideal line along the back of the neck, and use a razor, trimmer, scissors, or electric shaver to clean up your hair and look great in just minutes. Quick, easy, and completely hands-free, it’s the best choice for keeping your hairline looking great every day.

Trim and Shave an Even Line

  • Designed to help you keep your haircut fresh and clean between trips to the barber, this neck hair template guarantees a close, even shave or trim around the nape of your neck thanks to the linear design.

Non-Slip, Re-positionable Band

The premium-grade silicone adheres tightly to the skin and makes our shaving template easier to use on high or low necklines, allowing you to adjust it over the front of your chin or at an angle across the nose.

Hands-Free DIY Convenience

Along with staying in place as you tilt or move your head to adjust to the razor, shaver, or scissors, it doesn’t need any extra hands to hold it up, so you can clean up your neckline alone in under 1 minute.

Portable and Easy to Clean

Our neck hairline template can easily fit in your bathroom drawers or a toiletry bag to make it easier to refresh your haircut at home or when you’re traveling for vacation or business.


  • Color: Transparent
  • Specifications: 12x3cm
  • Features:
  • Portable, easy and convenient to use
  • High quality


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